Ticket Presale Information: Ticket presale and reservations by mail are closed : There are still plenty of tickets available at the door, but if you want to be sure you can still get tickets on Saturday at Record Store Music Machine in Sittard (NL) until closing time, or call Royal cinema in Echt (NL) to reserve tickets for pickup : Tel. : 0475-481369

Kaartenverkoop en reserveringen per mail zijn niet meer mogelijk : In principe zijn er nog meer dan genoeg kaarten beschikbaar, maar als je echt zeker wilt zijn kun je op Zaterdag zelf nog kaarten krijgen bij Platenzaak Music Machine in Sittard (tot sluitingstijd), of bellen naar Royal cinema in Echt om kaarten opzij te laten leggen : Tel. : 0475-481369

On April 30th 2009, RETRIBUTION shook the Fenix to its foundations, presenting their First full length album, C.H.A.O.S, to an excited audience. To enhance the experience, they collaborated with talented graphical artist Bart Heijman, who created animations for the entire album. In spite of the limited room on stage, of which half the space was used up by a projection screen and the occasional TV-set, a solid performance was given that night. This was partly because of three phenomenal guest vocalists, Guido Grawe (Scornage), Rim Steijvers (Arkngthand) and Menno Corbeek (Assault)

Now, one could have been satisfied with that, but… luckily RETRIBUTION never is. Some opportunities are just too good to pass up. RETRIBUTION has been offered a chance to perform C.H.A.O.S in all it’s grim glory once again. What makes this next performance so special, is mainly it’s location; The movie theater ‘ROYAL’ in Echt. ‘ROYAL’ movie theater has transformed one of their biggest halls into a multipurpose location, with room for about 500 people. What, pray tell, could be better than unleashing C.H.A.O.S on a huge screen, with a matching huge stage? No?..We wouldn’t know either, that’s why we decided to go ahead and take the offer. The show will be yet again performed as a whole, including samples, animations and guest vocalists. And, being in a movie theater, the evening has been dubbed: ‘LIGHTS, CAMERA, C.H.A.O.S!'
Musical support will be provided by the heavy metal sensation from the south, ARKNGTHAND.

So for those of you who were present at the Fenix, This upcoming show will be everything the release party was, but bigger. And in this case, bigger = BETTER! For those of you who weren’t there on April 30th, ask someone who was, or take a look at the promotional video:

Doors open: 20:30 h | Start: 22:00 h | Entree Fee: 5 euros


Royal Echt
Servicebioscoop Royal Echt
Peijerstraat 47
6101 GA ECHT
T. 0475-481369


Met de trein of bus:
U stapt uit op het perron of bushalte in Echt. Zodra u van het perron af komt moet u links langs de fietsenstalling en daarna aan het einde van de straat rechts de peijerstraat op. Daarna is het +/- 5 minuten lopen totdat u de bioscoop aan de rechter kant ziet liggen.

Eigen vervoer:

Vanuit Roermond N295 (Rijksweg)
U rijdt Roermond uit richting de N271 op richting Sittard. Deze vloeit over in de N295. Na 13 kilometer gaat u rechtsaf de Bosstraat in. Dit zijn de tweede stoplichten in Echt. Na 1 kilometer vindt u Royal Echt aan uw rechter kant.

Vanuit Susteren N295 (Rijksweg)
Rij Sittard uit via de Oude Rijksweg. U volgt de N295 richting Roermond. U gaat na 3.2 kilometer linksaf, de Bosstraat in. Na 1 kilometer vindt u Royal Echt aan uw rechter kant.

Vanuit A2 Afslag Echt (45)
U neemt afslag Echt (45), en u rijdt Echt in via de Zuiderpoort. Na 900 meter zie u Royal Echt aan uw linker kant. Rondom het theater zijn er diverse parkeergelegenheden beschikbaar. De nabij gelegen parkeergelegenheid heeft een capaciteit van 150 auto’s.


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