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  • The Retribution Time Machine
  • "Trust us, we know what we're doing..."

Step into our time machine and see what the guys wrecked came across on their travels through space and time

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  • What the Stars have to say
  • "Retri-who?"

Retribution has even been heard of in the highest circles. Let's see what the stars have to say about our boys, shall we?

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  • "Now where did I put that...?"

Before launching our 2019 album, we first bundled a digital version with a set of high-end Retriplugs, with adds to match...

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The Retribution Time Machine

Yes ladies and gentlemen; the unthinkable has happened! Retribution somehow got hold of their very own Time Machine. Well, actually; it's more of a Time & Space Machine, but let's not get into that right now... Below you will find some proof of their excursions.

What the Stars have to say

Justin Bieber

No-talent spoiled little shit

Why won't you guys let me join your band? Because I'm a what?! I'm not a no-talent, spoiled little shit!
No, Im not!
Mooooom, they're teasing me again! Make them stooooop!!!


Barbarian & Destroyer

By Crom, what is this music I hear. This is even better than crushing your enemies. Seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentations of their women. Give me more... MORE... AYAAYNGAHYANGAYANGAYANG!

Pharell Williams

Music producer and our biggest fan

After years of producing mainstream music I am grateful for the guys of Retribution and their inspirational view of the world.



As I travel down this road of life, and the arts pluck at my very soul, behold and praise upon the gaze of the loving beast that holds the name so sweet. Or is it? For the love of Retribution is.. is.. ..
... Oh Wait...
I mean Hodor. Hodor. HODOR!

Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper

Theoretical physicist at Caltech

Ok guys, first of all, Job is sitting in my spot, you can’t sit in my spot.. that’s my spot.. Thank you Job. I know you’d understand. But now, to enter the more serious part of this questionnaire.. I don’t want to be in your band anymore, cleaning all of Ferry’s sweaty towels after the shows makes me uncomfortable.. and this clearly wasn’t in the bandmate-agreement.

Donald Trump

Full-time moron

I know you already spent a lot of time with that Swedish Oak Arnold, but now I need you to be all you can be and help me win this damn election...
Could you repeat that question?
How far does a drumstick go up my ass?
...I dunno...
wait... STOP... AARGHHH

Jennifer Connelly


Hi... why are you guys staring at me like that?
Seriously, stop it...

I'd really like to go home now

David Hasselhoff

Actor and Deutsche Bundesliga Guru

Usually i'm not that fond of Satanic black metal, but I truly think retibution is one of the best in their genre. And Tom can tickle my doggy anyday, ya dig?? Peace out!!

Chuck Norris

Texas Ranger

I never heard of these guys before they showed up at my house and took my sandwich... I loved that sandwich, even called it "sammich" in an affective manner. They promised to give it back after I wrote this testimonial thingie, so here its is! Now, can I please have my sandwich back?

50 Cent

Monetary unit

Back in tha hood, we's always listened to them guyz. They wuz great role models for the children on our block. Me and my homies have great respect for them. G-UNIT!!

Oxana Fedorova

Miss fucking Universe 2002

I would like to thank the guys from Retribution for helping me win this pageant. I always knew sleeping with you guys would pay off sooner or later. And now I'm miss universe, I would do it again, just for fun!

Jesus Christ

Cross enthusiast

Why didn't I listen to Retribution when I was a kid? Then maybe those damn Romans wouldn't be picking on me all the time.


Whiny Hobbit

All right, all right,.. I'll give them the ring back. How could I have known it was their preciousss.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


I really hope Retribution will help me become president too. It was an easy job for them to make me governor. So it shouldn't be a problem for them to get rid of mr. Bush.


Kiss fan

I don't know how the f*ck I got here, but you guys should really take me the f*ck back, or there's gonna be some serious ass whooping coming your way!!


Mr. Passive Resistance

I always knew these guys would be great. I saw it in the sands of time.

George W. Bush

President of Mass Destruction

Please stop poking me!

Elvis Presley

King of Rock & Roll, Used Tire Salesman

Well, you see man, it's like this. I've retired from showbizz, O, say thirtyfive years ago, but if these guys asked me to come and sing, I'd come out of this Heartbreak Hotel, put on my blue suede shoes, change my name back, although I liked being Gus... aw man, whatever! Give up my used-tire business, and start rocking again! Oh, mama... Lord, have mercy!

Dr. Evil

Mad scientist

I don't know about this modern jazz/fusion thing, but my son Scott seems to like them. Well, at least it keeps him busy while I control the "lasers" on my "Deathstar", so I can hold the world ransom for.... ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!! MOOHAHAHAHAAAA MOOOOHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA... hmm, right...

B.A. Baracus

All-round nice guy

I pity the fools who try an' mess with my boys here, know what I'm saying?! I'll rip their arms off, and beat them to death with 'em. So nobody better mess with RETRIBUTION! Oh yeah, and none of you better be trying to get me into no airplanes, or there'll be trouble... Got that?! Sucker!

Retriplugs Add Campaign Ideas

Before launching our 2019 album, we first bundled a digital version with a set of high-end Retriplugs, with adds to match...
Here are some examples of just the kind of innovative thinking that has kept us firmly out of a job in the advertising industry.